Language and Music Articles/Videos

The 5 steps to training your foreign language flow with your favorite music.” Idahosa Ness, 31 May 2013
Use audio-editing software to slow down a catchy rap song and record yourself.

The food of love.” James Fenton, 29 September 2007
James Fenton’s critique of Daniel J. Levitin’s This Is Your Brain On Music

Language learning tip: Use music to learn a foreign language.” Susanna Zaraysky, 30 January 2012
How to listen to foreign languages, choose and find music, and learn songs.

Luca Lampariello and Susanna Zaraysky about language and music.” Luca Lampariello, 4 September 2012
Two polyglots discuss how songs can help you learn foreign languages and the relationship between language and music

Making music boosts one’s language skills.”  Victoria Jaggard, 20 Feburary 2010
Musicians have subconsciously trained their brains to recognize sound patterns

Music and language are processed by the same brain systems.” Science Daily, 28 September 2007
Melody and harmony, like words and syntax,  depend on two different brain systems (temporal and frontal lobes).

Music as a language.” Victor Wooten, 13 August 2012
Bassist Victor Wooten’s approach to music by embracing mistakes and playing a lot

Researchers show why music is so addictive.”  Erinn Morrison, 21 January 2011
Dopamine is released while listening to pleasurable music, explaining it’s drug-like addiction.

Theory: Music underlies language acquisition” B.J. Almond, 18 September 2012
Music and language may be distinct for adults, but for children languages arises from music.


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