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Čuvam se (Marija Šerifović)

“Čuvam se”

Noć, sva pravila se izgube
Kad usne nam se izljube
Stojiš mi ispod kože

Sve ovde me sve već nervira
Na dva smo kraja svemira
I osećam se loše

Nećeš doći, prazni su peroni
U gradu svi su ludi ko demoni
A meni sve je tesno i nigde mi se neće
Meni treba čudo veće

Čuvam se, čuvam se, čuvam
Čuvam se da ne poludim
Moji se duhovi smire
Kad kraj tebe se budim

Čuvam se, čuvam se, čuvam
Čuvam se al’ malo sutra
Ovo je prokleto mesto
I ja ću biti prokleta do jutra

Noć, sva pravila se izgube
Kad usne nam se izljube
A ko zna gde si sada

Bol, ovde je rek’o laku noć
Hoću da vrisnem upomoć
Ti poslednja si nada

“I watch out” (Translation, 2018)

Night, all rules are lost
when our lips kiss
you stay under my skin

Everything, everything here already nerves me
we’re on two ends of the universe

and I feel bad

You won’t come, the platforms are empty
in the city everyone’s crazy like demons
and everything’s tight for me and I don’t want to go anywhere
I need a bigger miracle
I’m watching out, watching out…
I watch out for myself so I don’t go crazy
My ghosts calm down

when beside you I awake

I’m watching out…
I watch out for myself but “in my dreams”
this is a damned place
and I’ll be damned till morning
Night, all rules are lost
when our lips kiss

but who knows where you are now

The pain, here said good night
I want to scream help!
you’re the last hope

čuvati – to guard, protect, watch over, save, preserve
čuvati se – to be careful, take care of oneself, beware
pravilo (neuter; plural, pravila) – rule, law
izljubiti se – to kiss
prazan – empty, hollow, clear
peron – platform at train station (from Fr. pierre, stone)
tesan – tight, close, narrow
čudo (neuter) – wonder, marvel, miracle
poludeti – to go mad/crazy
duh (masc.; plural, duhovi) – ghost, spirit
smiriti – to calm, soothe
smiriti se – to calm (oneself) down
kraj – 1) masc. noun – end, rim, edge, region; 2) preposition with genitive – near, next to; past, by, inspite of
buditi (se) – to awaken
malo sutra – expression meaning “yeah right” or “in your dreams” as in “it will never happen”; literally “little tomorrow”
prokletinja – the damned thing
bol – pain
vrisnuti – to scream, shriek
upomoć – help!

Grammar Notes

  1.  In Serbo-Croatian when you want to express possession, that is to say “my”, “your”, “our”, etc., it is more common to use the dative rather than the possessive.
    Ex:                        kad usne nam se izljube
    literally          when / lips / to us / themselves / kiss
    or                     “when our lips kiss (each other)”Ex:                 Stojiš mi ispod kože
    literally:       you stand / to me / beneath / (of) skin
    or                  “you are under my skin”
  2. Word order in Serbo-Croatian is flexible, as basic meaning is conveyed by the grammatical cases.  As a result, you get intricate sentences which are often difficult for learners to parse:
    Ex:                          na dva smo kraja svemira
    Literally:               on / two / we are / sides / (of) universe
    Rearranged as:    smo na dva kraja svemira
    Literally:               we are / on / two / ends / (of) universe
    Or:                          “we’re on two sides of the universe”



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