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Jazz, Portugal, Portuguese (Português)

“Um Amor” (Maria João, Mario Laginha)

Genre: JAZZ



Eu lhe ouvi entrar
Vi no seu olhar
que estava querendo me atormentar

e reagi sem ver
coraçao tocando o ceu da boca
minha alma louca

ai minha voz saindo
andando sem roupa
nua de palavras

queimando de intenção
digo afogueada
algo sem retorno e sem razão

foi como se pegasse fogo em fria agua
como se empurrasse a escuridão,

como se iluminasse
meu amor ficasse pertinho
jurando servidão

“A LOVE” (Original English Translation, 2013)

I heard you enter
I saw in your look
that you were wanting to torment me

and I reacted without looking
heart touching the heaven of the mouth
my crazy soul

Ay my voice releasing
going without clothes
naked for words

burning with intention
I mean, flaming
something without return and without reason

it was as if fire were set in cold water
as if darkness were being pushed

as if it were illuminated
my love remaining close
swearing servitude

afogueado – burning, flaming
pegar fogo – to catch fire
empurrar – to push
escuridão – darkness
ficar perto – to stay close


2 thoughts on ““Um Amor” (Maria João, Mario Laginha)

  1. Hi Tommy! Glad to have found you. Have you heard of a band based in Charlottesville, VA called Beleza Brasil? I think they make it down to SC once in awhile. I have some video of them playing a “house party” for us. http://flic.kr/s/aHsjHYrEtA I hope all is going well for you. Are you already in Germany/Austria?

    Posted by Bill Fairchild | December 6, 2013, 5:50 pm

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