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Portugal, Portuguese (Português), Puerto Rico, Reggaeton (Reggaetón), Spanish (Español/Castellano)

“Danza Kuduro” (Don Omar)

Country: Puerto Rico; Portugal
Language: Spanish (Español);  Portuguese (Português)
Genre: Reggaeton (Reggaetón)
Album: Meet the Orphans (2010)

Guitar Chords
Am F C G

“Danza Kuduro”

Las manos arriba, cintura sola
da media vuelta, danza kuduro
No te canses ahora que esto solo empieza
mueve la cabeza, danza kuduro

Quien puede domar la fuerza del mar
que se mete por tus venas
lo caliente del sol que se te metió
y no te deja quiete, nena

Quien puede para eso que al bailar
descontrola tus caderas
y ese fuego que quema por dentro
y lento te convierte en fiera

Con las manos arriba, cintura sola
da media vuelta y sacude duro
No te quites ahora que esto solo empieza
mueve la cabeza y sacude duro

Balança, que é uma loucura
morena, vem ao meu lado
ninguém vai ficar parado
quero ver mexer kuduro

Oi oi oi, oi oi oi
Vem para quebrar, vamos dançar kuduro
Oi oi oi, oi oi oi
Seja morena ou loira, vem balançar kuduro

“Kuduro Dance” (Original English translation by ORS, 2011)

Hands up, only waist
turn around, kuduro dance
Don’t get tired now ’cause this is only starting
move your head, kuduro dance

Who can tame the force of the sea
that gets inside your veins
the heat of the sun that got inside you
and doesn’t leave calm, girl

Who can stop that which, upon dancing,
lets loose your  hips
and that fire that burn inside
and slowly turns you into a fierce beast

With the hands in the air, only your waist
turns around and shakes hard
Don’t leave now ’cause this is just getting started
move your head and shake it hard

Sway, ’cause it is madness
Morena, come to my side
Nobody is going to get stopping
I want to see some kuduro fooling around

Hey hey hey, hey hey hey
Come break some kuduro, let’s dance kuduro
Hey hey hey, hey hey hey
Whether you’re morena or blond, come sway kuduro

La danza (fem noun) – dance, in the artistic sense, from the verb danzar; different from baile by context (see Grammar section)
La cintura (fem noun) – waist, but usually refers to the whole middle body; also in Port. cintura
Cansarse (reflexive verb) – to get tired of (doing something); also in Port. cansar-se
Domar (verb) – to tame, break in (like an animal, overcome; also in Port. do mar
Meterse (reflexive verb) – to get into; very idiomatic (see Grammar section)
Quieto (adjective) – still, quiet, calm; also in Port. quieto; not to be confused with the word for “quiet” which is silencioso
La nena (fem noun) – girl, baby girl; usually used in casual contexts among friends; in Portuguese these would be like menina
Descontrolar (verb) – to get out of control
Las caderas (fem noun, plural) – hips; in Port. as cadeiras
Fiero (adjective) – fierece; the noun fiera (fem) refers to a wild, fierce animal; in Port. feroz
Sacudir (verb) – to shake (towel; head; hips); also in Port. sacudir
Quitarse (reflexive verb)

Portuguese Vocabulary
Balançar (verb) – to balance, sway; in Span. balancear
A loucura (fem noun) – madness, craziness; in Span. la locura
A morena (fem noun) – dark-haired woman; in Span morena
Mexer (verb) – to move, to tease, to play with; related to Span. mover (to move), mecer (to rock, swing, sway)
Quebrar (verb) – to break; in Span, quebrar means to break, to fracture (a bone), while romper is used more generally
Dançar (verb) – to dance
A loira (fem noun) – blond-haired woman; in Span. rubia

1.  To Turn Around

In Spanish, a typical way to say “turn around”, as in “turn and face the opposite direction”, is dar la vuelta.  This literally is “to give the turn”.  You can also use the reflexive verb voltearse (to turn oneself) in certain regions of the world.  In Portuguese, it is important not to confuse the similar sounding voltar (to return to somewhere) with virar (to turn).




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