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Brazil (Brasil), Portuguese (Português), Rock

“Jesus Cristo” (Roberto Carlos)

“Jesus Cristo” (YouTube)
Country: Brazil (Brasil)
Language: Portuguese (Português)
Genre: Rock

“Jesus Cristo”
Roberto Carlos
Mensagens (1999) 

Jesus Cristo! Jesus Cristo!
Jesus Cristo, eu estou aqui

Olho no céu e vejo uma nuvem branca que vai passando
Olho na terra e vejo uma multidão que vai caminhando

Como essa nuvem branca
essa gente não sabe aonde vai
Quem poderá dizer o caminho certo
é você, meu Pai

Toda essa multidão tem no peito amor e procura a paz
E apesar de tudo a esperança não se desfaz

Olhando a flor que nasce no chão daquele que tem amor
Olho no céu e sinto crescer a fé no meu Salvador

Em cada esquina vejo o olhar perdido de um irmão
em busca do mesmo bem
nessa direção caminhando vem

É meu desejo ver aumentando sempre essa procissão
Para que todos cantem na mesma voz essa oração

“Jesus Christ” (Original English translation by ORS, 2011)

Jesus Christ, Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ, I am here

I look in the sky and see a white cloud that goes passing
I look in the earth and see a crowd that goes walking

Like that white cloud
those people don’t know to where they go
Who could say the correct path
is you, my Father

All that crowd has love in the chest and searches for peace
And despite everything, hope is not undone

Looking at the flower that is born in the dirt of that which has love
I look in the sky and I feel faith growing in my Savior

On every corner I see the lost look of a brother
in search of the same good
in this direction come walking

It is my desire to see this procession always growing
so that everyone may sing int he same voice this prayer

Vocabulary and Etymology
nuvem  (f) – cloud
multidão (f) – crowd, multitude
apesar – despite
desfazer (verb) – to undo
chão (m) – ground, earth, floor
olhar (m) – a look; also verb olhar (to look)
bem (m) – a good, goodness; also adverb bem (well)
oração (f) – prayer

1.  Olhar vs. Ver vs. Mirar

Like English and some other languages, Portuguese makes a distinction between “looking” and “seeing”.

Generally, the verb olhar (from the Latin oculus “eye”) means to “look at”, while ver (from the Latin videre “to see”) means “to see”.    Finally, less used is mirar (from the Latin mirari “to admire, wonder at”) meaning “to examine” or “to aim”.

This may seem strange to you if you are used to Spanish, where although ver also means “to see”, mirar is the verb used to mean “to look at”.   Spanish does, however, have a less used derivative of the Latin oculus, in the verb ojear meaning “to have a look at”.

Most of these verbs in Portuguese and Spanish can made in nouns, translatable into English as “looks” or “glances”, but the nuances change with the root.

In both Spanish and Portuguese, “una ojeada/uma olhada” is what you say when you give a “glance” over something, like a student’s essay.  On the other hand, the “look” on that student’s face when they get the essay back would be “una mirada” in Spanish and “um olhar” in Portuguese.

Another way to say “glance” in Spanish is “vistazo” from the verb ver.

2.  Future Tense
In both Spanish and Portuguese, the future tense is to indicate future time, but also to indicate possibility in the present.   The example in this song is:

“Quem poderá dizer o caminho certo é você”
Lit.  Who will be able to say the path true is you
–> You are the one who could indicate the correct path

Poderá is the 3rd person singular form of the future tense of poder (to be able to).  The nuance is “could” or “probably can”

Guitar Chords
*tuned down a half step in this video
Chorus: Em  G   Bm   Am – Am/G – Em
Verse:  Em   G   Bm   Am



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