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European, Pop, Rock, Romania (România), Romanian (Română)

“Şi ce” (Voltaj)

“Şi ce” (YouTube)
Country: Romania (România)
Language: Romanian (Română)
Genre: Pop Rock

Şi ce
Povestea Oricui (2004)

Şi ce?
Dacă viaţă ţi-a luat mai mult decât ţi-a dat
Şi ce?
Poti alege sa visezi sau poti alege sa pierzi

Dar e bine când poti spune
“Nu sunt singur in ploaie şi vânt.
Am cei mai buni prieteni de pe Pământ”

Pot sa pierd in viaţă tot
Nu imi păsa, ma ridic la loc
Şi poti sa-mi iei ce vrei
Când am lângă mine toti prietenii mei.

Şi ce?
Vrei nu vrei, se-întâmpla in viata sa mai şi cazi
Şi ce?
Nu te mai gândi la mâine că uiti ziua de azi

Şi e bine că poti spune
“Nu sunt singur in ploaie şi vânt.
Am cei mai buni prieteni de pe Pământ”

“So what” (Original English translation by ORS, 2011)

So what
if life has taken from you much more than it has given to you?
So what?
You can choose to dream or you can choose to lose

But it’s so good when you can say
“I’m not alone in rain and wind
I have the best friends on earth”

I can lose everything in life
I don’t care, I raise myself up
And you can take from me what you want
When I have by me all my friends

So what?
Want it or not, it happens in life that you also fall
So what?
Don’t also think about tomorrow for you forget today

And it’s good that you can say,
“I’m not alone in rain and wind
I have the best friends on earth”

Vocabulary and Etymology
viaţă (f)life; from Latin vita
mult – much, more, a lot; from Latin multus (much, many)
a da – to give; from Latin dare
a putea – to be able to; from Latin potere (be able, powerful)
a alege – to choose; from Latin eligere
a pierde – to lose; from Latin perdere  (to lose, destroy)
a spune – to say; from Latin exponere (to put out)
singur – alone
ploaie (f) – rain; from Latin pluvia
vânt (n) – wind; from Latin ventus
prieten (m) – friend; from Slavic root prijatelĭ; related to Bulgarian приятел, Croatian prijatelj, Czech přítel, Polish przyjaciel
Pământ (n) – ground, Earth; possibly from Latin pavimentum (beaten floor)
tot – everything; from Latin totus
a ridica – to raise; from Latin eradicare (to uproot)
loc (n) – place; from Latin locus
lângă – beside, by; from Latin longus ad
a vrea – to want; from Latin volere
a cădea – to fall; from Latin cadere
a gândi – to think; from Hungarian gondol (to think)
mâine – tomorrow; from Latin mane; related to French demain, Italian domani, Spanish mañana, Portuguese amanha
ziua – then; day
azi – today; possibly from Latin hac die (this day)

1.  The Slavic Influence on Romanian
Although Romanian is a Romance language, the influence of Slavic tribes in Eastern Europe around the 6th century have significantly affected the vocabulary, phonology, and even grammar of Romanian.

Research indicates that 20% of Romanian vocabulary comes from Latin and 14% comes from Slavic, particularly Old Church Slavonic, the liturgical language of the Orthodox Church since the Middle Ages.

2.  Romanian alphabet
The Romanian alphabet contains letters not present in other Romance languages.  The pronunciations of these letters with diacritics can be tricky, at first:

ă – [ə]
â – [y] *only in the middle of a word
î – [y] *only at the beginning or end of a word
ş – [ʃ]
ţ – [ts]

3.  Nouns and Pronouns
Romanian is the only Romance language to preserve 3 genders from Latin (masculine, feminine, and neuter).  There are also 5 cases (Nominative, Genitive, Dative, Accusative, and Vocative).   In this song you can find examples of the Dative (indirect object) and Accusative (direct object) forms of the 1st person and 2nd person pronouns:

Dacă viaţă ţi-a luat (2nd Dative: If life has taken from you)
Nu imi păsa (1st Dative: No to me passes –> It doesn’t pass to me –> I don’t care)
ma ridic la loc (1st Accusative: I raise me/myself to the place)
Nu te mai gândi la mâine (2nd Accusative: Don’t think about tomorrow)

Guitar Chords
Verse: Dm  F  Bb  Dm
Pre-chorus:  Bb  F   Bb   F   Gm  C
Chorus:  Dm  Gm   C   F   Bb  Gm  A



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