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Latin Popular, Mexico (México), Rock, Spanish (Español/Castellano)

“Rayando el sol” (Maná)

“Rayando el sol” (Maná)
YouTube live performance of “Rayando el sol”
“Rayando el sol”
Falta Amor (1990)
Country: Mexico
Language: Spanish
Genre: Rock
Original Lyrics and English Translation (ORS, 2011)
Rayando el sol
rayando por ti
esta pena me duele
me quema sin tu amor
no me has llamado, estoy desesperado
son muchas lunas
las que te he llorado 

Rayando el sol
es más fácil llegar al sol que a tu corazón

Me muero por ti viviendo sin ti
y no aguanto
me duele tanto estar así
rayando el sol

A tu casa yo fui
y no te encontré
en el parque, en la plaza, en el cine
yo te busqué,

Te tengo atrapada
entre mi piel y mi alma
mas ya no puedo tanto
y quiero estar junto a ti

Scratching the sun
scratching for you
this pain hurts me
it burns me without your amor
you haven’t called me, I’m desperate
many moons
I have cried for you 

Scratching the sun,
it’s easier to make it to the sun than to your heart
I’m dying for you, living without you
And I can’t stand it,
it hurts me so much to be like this
scratching the sun

To your house, I went
and didn’t find you
in the park, in the plaza, in the movie theatre
I searched for you
I have you trapped
between my skin and my soul,
But I can’t do this anymore so much
And I want to be next to you

Vocabulary & Etymology
Rayar (verb) to scratch, to border, be on the verge of; related to the adjective rayado “lined, striped” Aguantar (verb) to bear, endure, hold
La pena (noun) sadness, shame (as in the phrase qué pena, “what a shame”), criminal sentence or penalty Atrapar (verb) to catch, trap
Desesperado (adjective) desperate Junto (adjective) together; (adverb) junto a “next to”; from verb juntar “to join, to put together”
Grammar & Other Notes
1.“Son muchos + NOUNS que..”    This is a construction used to emphasis a large quantity of something.  Take the example in the song:    Son muchas lunas, las que te he llorado
Lit: They are many moons, the ones that (for) you I have cried
I have cried for you for so many moonsThis phrase places the conjugated verb ser (to be) at the beginning, followed by the noun.  It may be familiar to you, if you are used to saying telling the hostess at a restaurant how many people are in your party:     ¿Cuántas personas son?  Somos tres.
How many people are you?  We are three.
How many people are there?  There are three of us. 

2.  But: Mas, Pero, Sino

There are about three ways to convey the simple contrast of the English “but” in Spanish.  Pero is likely the first one that students learn, along with sino which has the unique function in the phrase “no A sino B” (not A but B).  Mas (without the accent mark the vowel) is also used occasionally, as in this song.  Note that in Portuguese, “but” in all these cases is mas, although sometimes pronounced [mais].

3.  So many uses of tanto

is a multifunctional word in Spanish.

Adjective (ending changes in number and gender according to noun): “so much, such”.  Used in the construction “tanto (NOUN) como” “as many/much NOUN as”

Adverb (takes the form tan before adjectives in some constructions) : “so, such”.  Phrases like “si tan siquiera…” (if only…); “tanto mejor” (even better); “tanto peor” (too bad); “tan/tanto…como” (as…as)

Pronoun (changes according to noun it replaces): “so much, so many”.  For example, “tanto que hacer” (so much to do); “hace tanto que…” (it’s been so long since…); “entre tanto” (in the meantime); por lo tanto (therefore)

Guitar chords 

Intro/chorus: G  D Em C  G Bm C  D (Em)
Verse: G  C  D  C  (2x)  Bm  C  D  C   Bm  C  D (hold)


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