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“Tocando Fondo” (Ricardo Arjona)

Tocando Fondo (Official Music Video on Youtube) 

“Tocando Fondo”
Ricardo Arjona
5to Piso (2008)

Pegué tu foto en el ropero, para sentir que estás aquí
yo me instalé en el mes de enero, afuera creo que es abril
Me importa un bledo el noticiero, total jamás hablan de mí
hice un país de este agujero desde que tú no estás aquí

Este es el himno nacional y por bandera tengo tu tanga café
confieso que la paso mal y no sé cómo puedo mantenerme en pie

Y sigo aquí tocando fondo descubriendo todo lo que nos faltó
echándome la culpa en todo, derritiendo el poco aire que me quedó
Y sigo aquí tocando fondo desde mi país que es este quinto piso,
desde tu exilio voluntario, la nostalgia sigue de primer ministro

Todo está intacto en mi país, tal cual como lo abandonaste
las flores del papel tapiz la copia del Dalí que olvidaste

De más está decir te extraño, y el resto de cursilerías,
no insistas en lo que hace daño, es otra frase de tu autoría.

Y aunque he pagado los impuestos
de esta bancarrota que es vivir sin ti,
ya no me queda presupuesto para otro invierno sin que estés aquí

“Hitting Bottom” (English Translation, ORS 2010)

I put your photo in the closet, to make it feel like you are here
I settled into the month of January, but outside I think its April
I don’t give a damn about the news, they never talk about me anyhow
I made a country out of this hole, since you have been gone

This is the national anthem and for the flag I have your brown thong
I confess that I am having a hard time with it
and I don’t know I can stay on my feet

I am still here hitting bottom,
discovering everything that we lacked
Putting the blame for everything on myself,
thawing the little air that I have left
And I am still here hitting rock bottom from my country, the 5th floor
Since your voluntary exile, nostalgia remains the prime minister

Everything is intact in my country, just as you abandoned it
The flowers of the wallpaper, the copy of Dali that you forgot

It goes without saying that I miss you, the rest is corniness
“Don’t dwell on what hurts”, is another phrase of your authority

And even though I have paid my taxes
of this bankruptcy living without you
I don’t have the budget left anymore
for another winter without you here

Thematic Topics
El ropero – wardrobe, closet (from la ropa, clothes)
El papel tapiz – wallpaper (tapiz, tapestry, probably the Persian taftah)
Instalarse en – to get settled into, usually a new physical environment
“tal cual” – as is, just as it is, untouched

1. Tocar fondo – literally, “to touch bottom”, to hit rock bottom
2. El presupuesto – budget, presuponer (to presuppose)
3. Los impuestos – taxes, from imponer (to impose)
4. La bancarrota – bankruptcy, from the Italian Banca rotta, supposedly based on the idea that the benches of failed moneylenders would be broken

1. “me importa un bledo” – I don’t care about, I don’t give a damn about, I couldn’t care less about (el bledo from the L. blitum, a kind of spinach)
2. “total” – anyway, anyhow, in any case, ultimately
3. “de más está decir (que)” – It goes without saying, needless to say (also, “Está de más decir que…”, “Sobra decir que…”)

1. Desde que (V present) vs. Desde (time/place) “desde que tú no estás aquí” Literally, “since you are not here”, but in normal English this would be “since you have been gone”
“desde mi país” from (the direction of) my country, looking out from my country
“desde tu exilio” since (the time of) your exile

2. Faltarle ~ to lack
“todo lo que nos faltó”, everything that we lacked

3. Quedarle ~ to still have
“el poco aire que me quedó” the little air that I still have/had
“ya no me queda presupuesto para…” I don’t have the budget left for…

4. Extrañarle ~ to miss
“ te extraño” I miss you

5. Sin que (V subjunctive) ~ without V-ing
“sin que estés aquí”without you being here, without you here

6. Noun que es Noun
“mi país que es este quinto piso” My country (which is) this 5th floor; My country, the 5th floor here
“esta bancarrota que es vivir sin ti” This bankrupcty (which is) to live without you; This bankruptcy living without you

1. Pegar – to put, from the L. picare (to smear with pitch/tar) and related to apegarse a (to become devoted/attached to, to adhere to)
2. El agujero – hole (from aguja, needle, which is from L. acus, a chaff, needle point) and related to agujerear (to pierce a hole in) and la agujeta (the shoelace)
3. Pasarlo bien/mal – to have a good/bad time
4. Cursi (cursilerias) – cheesiness, corniness
5. Derretir – to melt, thaw (ice, snow); *Fundir is more for melting, smelting, casting, etc of metals
6. Echar – to throw, put, from the L. iacere (to throw, hurl, cast)

Guitar Chords:
Intro: G D/F# Em C G D C C
Verse and Chorus: G  D/F#  G/F  Em   C   G   D   C
Prechorus: Am  Em F G  Am Em F D


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